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Ofsted - When an Inspector Calls

For all you could want or need to know about the latest Ofsted requirements & how Southwark schools are performing

All about OFSTED

All you could want or need to know about the latest Ofsted requirements and how Southwark schools are performing can be found in these pages. Ofsted need not strike fear into the hearts of Southwark’s schools, but it is important to understand what inspectors are now looking for, how they come to their judgements and what you should do to ensure you get the accurate results you require.   Check out the useful guides and also see how Southwark is performing well according to Ofsted’s standards.


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The latest Inspection guidelines for all maintained schools:



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The Ofsted consultation Better inspection for all sets out Ofsted’s vision for a new framework from 2015 and asks open questions about future inspection methodologies. It is vital that as many school leaders as possible complete and submit a response to let Ofsted know just how much you care about the health of our school system. NAHT will be making a formal submission on behalf of the membership as a whole and we have produced this briefing which you may find helpful; but even if you take an entirely different position, please respond anyway.

NAHT Ofsted letter


Case Study: What makes safeguarding Outstanding at Rotherhithe Primary

Rotherhithe Primary school recently was awarded Outstanmding by Ofsted for its safeguarding measures. Find out how by downloading the presentation below:
What makes Safeguarding outstanding at Rotherhithe SW Crampton Ofsted