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Southwark School Leaders' website

Welcome to our new and improved School Leader’s website. The site caters for all aspects of school leadership including business managers and premises and facilities managers as well as headteachers and deputy and assistant headteachers.

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Christmas Parties at the Doubletree Hilton Riverside Hotel

If you’re planning a Christmas Party why not visit the Doubletree Hilton Riverside Hotel on 29 September and get a free tours and learn about what’s planned for seasonal parties at the hotel. You’ll need to RSVP by no later that 26 September to join... read more

Interview day

Click on te link below to read about U-teach’s interview day at Roehampton Roehampton flyer read more

Secondary pupil file transfer

Instructions, spare labels and other details relating to the transfer of pupil files to secondary schools are available fro download by clicking the links below: instructions 2016 SECONDARY PUPIL TRANSFER CHECKLIST MASTER – ALL LABELS DROP OFF SCHOOLS LOCATIONS... read more

Southwark LA Personnel

The up to the minute list of key LA personnel, complete with their telephone numbers and email addresses can be downloaded here:


Peer to Peer

Opportunity to blog between your peer group

emergency button

Southwark schools can report HERE if they have any emergency situation. Tell us about your emergency NOW!

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