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Report an emergency

Southwark schools can report here if they have any emergency situation. To report an emergency, simply complete the form at the bottom of the page. Examples of emergencies are:
– School closures due to accident, incident or extreme weather conditions
– Reporting suspicious behavior by members of the public i.e. people taking photographs

Southwark Wide Generic Emergency Plan

It details how the council responds to a wide range of emergencies, covering key components such as assessment, preparation and planning, delivery, warning & informing and recovery. To download the plan, click on the link below:

To download the plan, Southwark_Council_Generic_Emergency_Plan_-_Issue_6_FINAL

Severe weather warnings In the winter season, please ensure you are prepared for icy weather and have stores of salt and grit. Should the weather become severe and you need to close your school for any reason, please report your closure using the form below. We will display your situation on this page. To download a risk assessment document for severe weather guidance, click on the link below:

To download our guidance document, Weather-Guidance-Southwark-Jan-2012 (1)

If your school needs to close due to severe weather conditions – go to the Emergency bar on the left of the page and report your closure. Closures will be updated hourly, so keep us informed!
Submit your alert to us
If your school has been forced to close for any reason, please let us know by completing the form below:

Please email yolanda@headexec.com if you have an emergency