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Schools often interview a number of candidates for posts, but can only offer one person the job, in spite of having a number of exceptional potential recruits.

Where such a situation occurs and the rejected candidates are truly excellent, we will post their CVs here, so that you can consider them for interviews for your vacancies.

Teacher of Primary: Amanda Osborne

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Primary. Honours Bachelor of Arts, Music and Philosophy.

Online Interview: http://hire.li/1AfyM6V

Uteach Comment
Amanda is a recent graduate of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s Bachelor of Education course, having also attained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music and Philosophy from Queen’s University.

Since beginning her studies, Amanda has garnered valuable experience in a variety of positions which allowed her to work closely with children of all ages. Amanda’s practicum referee states: “Amanda has grown from a teacher candidate into a professional educator. Amanda has been a joy to work with. She integrated well into our team and consistently demonstrated professionalism, commitment, and a willingness to learn. She will be an asset to any staff lucky enough to have her.” Amanda enjoys actively contributing to voluntary causes and is very eager to continue her teaching journey in a school in South East England in September 2015.

Teaching Placement Highlights
Below are excerpts from Amanda’s teaching placement reports:

“Amanda is friendly, professional and very committed. She is an outstanding teacher and will be an asset to the profession and to any school lucky enough to have her.”

“Amanda had a very successful experience during her grade two placement. She demonstrated great knowledge of the curriculum and the ability to plan and implement brilliant learning experiences for her students.”

“She achieved and maintained positive rapport with students and demonstrated a general awareness of individual student needs.”