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Welcome to our new and improved School Leader’s website. The site caters for all aspects of school leadership including business managers and premises and facilities managers as well as headteachers and deputy and assistant headteachers.

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Two Smart Tables for sale

Two Smart Tables for sale

St James’ school has two 442i smart tables for sale.  They were purchased in October 2014 and we paid £4734 each for them. We would like to get about £2500 each for them.  If anyone is interested please let us know. Email Debbie Plows, Schools Business Manager... read more

FREE chairs

St Jame’s C of E Primary school has at least 20 infants steel and wood chairs if any school can make use of them. Call 020 7237 3111 for details. read more

Look out for your Millenials

With age ranges in school staffs ranging up to 50 years difference, it’s essential to get the best out of all staff. Click on the link below to see the Colour Works’ take on the topic: Generationally Speaking – Fact... read more

Southwark LA Personnel

The up to the minute list of key LA personnel, complete with their telephone numbers and email addresses can be downloaded here:


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